It all started over a couple of beers...

A couple of drinks after work can prove to be very dangerous. Especially when the decision is made after 3 pints to take part in a serious adventure race that would test the limits of Paul and Jeremy. 

However, rather than doing what most normal people would do (eat kebab, forget all about it), the boys decided to go one better and create their own event, an event that would embrace the camaraderie, generosity and enthusiasm within the construction industry and raise money for charities close to their hearts.

Here's the biography's of all those involved so you know who to blame at the end... 

Paul Hargreaves

Paul is Construction Director at Lipton Rogers Developments, currently building 22 Bishopsgate, the largest and tallest building in the City, encompassing help from a number of the teams competing at Dig Deeper!

Paul loves adrenalin sports, from kitesurfing to climbing, but the usual time pressures see him mainly focuss on keeping fit, riding his many bikes on and off road alongside a bit of running and (a bit more) skiing. 

Paul likes to race the odd fast motorbike or car around the track and represented GB in sailing events in a previous life. 

Jeremy Edwards

Jeremy Edwards, Director with Arup, keen fell runner and Ex GB international orienteering competitor has always loved the outdoors. In 2015 after an 'evening out', Paul and Jeremy decided it was time to step up and work together to create an event that could make a real difference to two fantastic charities. Finding a way to embrace the generosity and enthusiasm within the construction industry was key and choosing to host it in some of the most challenging terrain in the UK was a given. But making sure people challenged themselves, stepped out of their comfort zone and had loads of fun along the way was an absolute must. 

These days, Jeremy tends to run in the morning with his dog maggie, before grinding out the commute into London. 

Gavin Anderson

After losing his son to cancer in 2011, despite the best efforts of Antony Nolan and the stem cell donor they found in America, Paul's brother-in-law has played an active role in designing logos, creating websites and helping pull together the event from lots of angles alongside the founders. Coming from an Advertising rather than Construction background, Gavin is a keen long-distance runner, completing five Marathons and a number of Half's in the past few years.

Despite not being a GB athlete like his counterparts, Gavin is a gold medalist in drinking pints and eating crisps.